Uruuk Shaataz

This youth currently has a 15,000 gp bounty on his head, placed by none other than Prince Rickert Lucius himself: crown prince of Illuminias. He has been convincted of murder and high treason; this young half-orc is said to have slain both General Hein Pharamond, Illuminias' renowend war hero, and Colonel Dabbert Shaataz, General Pharamond's famous battle brother. What's truly odd is that Colonel Shaataz is well-known to be Uruuk's adoptive father, having taken the young half-orc in when he found him at the end of the last great war.

Uruuk was most recently seen far from the capital, working as hired muscle for the Thieves Guild of Saltmarsh. He was very recently cornered and beheaded by a band of adventurers out to claim the reward for his death.

His last words were to state that he was in fact framed for the murder of the two war heroes; according to him, Prince Rickert did the deed then placed the bounty on his head. His killers opted against opposing King Lucius I's royal family and had departed for the capital, hopefully to arrive in time for the grand Jierdan Eve Classic tournament and its accompanying festival.


DM's Notes:

Shout-outs to my other D&D playgroup (campaign name: "Dungeon's of Dragmire"), from whom this character was 'borrowed'. 

Peg Source:  Unknown?

Uruuk Shaataz

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