The Republic of Padavona

BGM: Driver – The Eye of the Truth

At the dawn of Tieresia's history, Padavona and the other dominions were very much alike: regions divided by the squabbles of feudal lords and petty nobles. Roughly a decade ago, political upheavals overthrew the once-proud houses ruling this realm and set in place a glorious republic to rule Padavona. Those native to the region consider that to have been the beginning of a wondrous age of peace and commerce.

In truth, Padavona is indeed a republic—for its educated elite, that is. There are still beggars in its cities' streets and the decisions made in the Forums are far from representative of the entire population. Travelers are cautioned to refrain from speaking out against the glorious Republic, with dissenters joking that all they've done is replaced a few names in power with an entire governing body of corrupt, debauched nobles.

Despite all this, Padavona is undoubtedly the least militant of Tieresia's dominions. While military does still exist here, they are more for border defenses than actively waging war on the rest of Tieresia. Adventurers seeking work here are more likely to be hired for settling petty disputes than any of the wartime mercenary work that the rest of Tieresia is famous for.

Residents of Padavona:
-House Ravenstein


DM's Notes:

Nothing was written yet about this in the original Tieresia setting. I've taken creative liberty and turned it into the Greco-Roman state of the setting 'with a few twists' of course.

Full credit where it's due, the track was taken from a longer mix.

Peg source.

The Republic of Padavona

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