The Kingdom of Bain

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The glorious Kingdom of Bain was long thought to be the most capable of winning Tieresia's (at the time) seven-year-war, boasting the mightiest military force known to the realms. More than any other nation in Tieresia, Bain is known for being traditional. The 'old rule' of noble lords still holds, all under a royal family that each vassal loyally serves. Above all of this is the Pelagianic faith, a polytheistic religion revering several gods with grand structures built in their honor: from the humblest village chapel to the cathedral at the capital, Bain is a kingdom known for its religious citizens.

The kingdom's momentum was halted when a series of assassinations and subterfuge cost them their mighty fortress Vauban — and with it, their control over Snakebite Pass: the one known entrance into Bain from the Duchy of Lund. This all happened nearly a year ago; something stopped Lund from pressing their advantage, and the constant conflict at the border has somehow faded away into the cold war that now envelops Tieresia with an air of awkward tension.

The smallfolk whisper that perhaps Lord Velkin has allowed the stalemate to stand as he plots to reclaim his ancestral stronghold. Or perhaps the king himself is cooking up some scheme to win the war for good? One thing's for sure: Although the bloodshed has died down, the rivalry between Bain and Lund, if sufficiently provoked, could spark the war anew.

Residents of Bain:
-House Velkin


DM's Notes:

This and Lund had the most writing done for them in the original Tieresia setting.

The Kingdom of Bain

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