The Duchy of Lund

BGM: Transistor OST – The Spine

The Duchy of Lund has long been considered a sort of mirror to the militaristic Kingdom of Bain. Legend has it that both nations were founded by quarrelsome twins, each heir to Tieresia's throne but neither willing to yield. Sages doubt this is the truth of their history, but any citizen of either knows well that both forces have been at odds since time immemorial.

Lund's civilization and culture aren't very far removed from Bain's. Both are still under the traditional rule of their respective noble houses, and both say prayers and worship under the Pelagianic faith. The critical difference is in Lund's focus: Where honor to their king and the church is the core of Bain's principles, the people of Lund are far more individualistic. Some say this is merely a failure of the faith to assert dominance over the region.

There's no hiding it: nobles of Lund are a scheming, cowardly lot. The duchy is infamous for its particularly violent politics, with a running joke among the smallfolk that weddings are far more dangerous than war and bandits (and the roads of Lund have no shortage of cutthroats). Travelers are warned to simply pass through quickly and keep their nose out of the locals' business, lest they be roped into carrying out some noble's nefarious plot with payment in blood money.

Lund's greatest victory in recent history is House Huer's successful conquest of Snakebite Pass. For aeons the grand fortress Vauban was held by Bain's esteemed House Velkin, denying entry into the kingdom from Lund — travelers from the Duchy would need to pay hefty tolls, or somehow brave the dangers of the pass itself. Treachery and deceit have placed the Velkins' ancestral stronghold in the Huers' hands, and one cannot help but feel that each side is merely waiting for an excuse to resume hostilities in full. 

They say a man's life is cheap in Lund. The phrase "worth his weight in gold" takes on a whole new meaning here…

Residents of Lund:
-House Huer


DM's Notes:

Lund and Bain essentially comprise the 'Game of Thrones/War of the Lions' component of the setting, being your typical Western fantasy setting complete with evil nobles and marching armies. Take note that just because Bain is more religious and Lund is more profiteering, doesn't mean that one faction's good and the other is evil. They both have their fair share of grays among them, and they're both fighting over the same space.

The Duchy of Lund

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