Illuminias: The Heart of Dominus

BGM: Legend of Mana OST – Etansel

Illuminias is said to be the oldest city still standing on Dominus — civilization has stretched further back in history, but this is the one that survived. Its prestige is further supported by the fact that it is literally in the center of all Dominus' civilized regions, a sprawling testament to the human spirit.

The city (and by extension, the entire Windspear region around it — and some of the other regions in Dominus) has been ruled for the past few generations by a monarchy, the latest being the esteemed King Lucius I. He is well-loved by the people, a wise king espousing peace after he and several famous war heroes (including General Hein Pharamond and Colonel Dabbert Shaataz) saved the nation from a bloody civil war. Nearly two decades ago the queen gave him a son, and Prince Rickert Lucius is just as beloved by his subjects.

All roads lead to Illuminias, and it is nearly impossible for an adventurer to avoid traveling here at least once. No city is perfect, of course — there are whispers of betrayal within the capital, and any newcomers are advised to watch their backs.

Residents of Illuminias:
Uruuk Shaataz


DM's Note: Your token big-time capital complete with a royal family and tons of potential for quests of all sorts. Major inspirations for it in this setting are Lucis and Anor Londo.

Peg source: Dark Souls Wiki

Illuminias: The Heart of Dominus

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