House Huer

"Weighed and measured."

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In a domain known for tumultuous politics, House Huer stands tall and proud. One of the oldest noble houses of Lund, they have the bragging rights of having survived through generations of strife and conspiracy. Their long-standing rivalry with the Kingdom of Bain's House Velkin is legendary; border skirmishes between the two are practically a tradition. The Huers have stayed at the top of Lund's political food chain through a combination of money, alliances and sheer tenacity.

The turning point in House Huer's colorful history came when Velkin's heir Lady Wilhelmina claimed to have evidence implicating Lord Voss Huer's hand in the assassination of her mother, Lady Sieglinde. Shortly after Lady Wilhelmina was slain with her loyal retainer Yvan Muller, along with the adventurers that reportedly aided her investigation. This caused Lord Graf Heinrich Velkin himself to declare open war on House Huer, leading to the Seven Year War's most violent battles. This came to a head when Huer assassins slew the key officers stationed at the fortress Vauban, allowing the Huer forces entry and uncontested conquest of the ancient fortress.

With the slowdown of the conflict as the eighth year of the war moves into a cold war phase, the Huers have mysteriously chosen to hold back. Perhaps they are regrouping after the untimely death of Lord Voss Huer, with his heir Vyles Huer assuming command as head of house. The lordling is known to be ambitious and possibly even more conniving than his father, but for now he seems to be enjoying the Velkins' humiliation by situating himself in the seat of Vauban.


DM's Notes:

Doesn't take a wizard to deduce that Lord Voss was assassinated by Vyles, who very obviously wanted to take his inheritance ahead of schedule. Original write-up c/o the original Tieresia campaign.

These dudes are pretty much the Lannisters and Tyrells of the campaign, all schemes and intrigue. The house words are a play on the famous line from A Knight's Tale (the Heath Ledger movie).

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House Huer

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