Dominus: The Ancient Realm

Dominus' terrain varies but majority of the continent has very traversible plains.

Overworld Theme: M.O.O.N. – Dust

Adventures in Dominus:
Episode 1 – Welcome to Saltmarsh
Episode 2 – Through the Reach

Dominus is the most well-known and largest Aetheria's floating landmasses: — travel overland takes days between major hubs. Adding to its fame is the widespread use of arcanotech or 'magical technology', placing its tech level above your average Aetherian domain.

The terrain in Dominus varies. The Reach in the west is known for hills and crags, while the Windspear region at the center has sprawling grasslands. Up north the Spine of the World mountains stand between the rest of Dominus and a frozen tundra, with barely any civilization beyond a few scattered tribes. To the east is a vast desert known as Dragon's Grave that no one has successfully traversed, and the South holds a region known as the Blighted Wastes: a desolate place filled with ruins of abandoned necropolises, inhabited by undead horrors.

Sages speculate that Dominus itself is either cursed or has some abnormal magical resonance: Airships are only capable of landing on its Western edge. Sailors attempting to fly over or around anywhere else have their ships sunk or sent back one way or another. Even stranger, flying far enough away from Dominus allows ships to safely traverse the skies and move towards one of Aetheria's other floating continents.

Despite all the civilized places, Dominus is an ancient continent still ripe for adventure. Ancient ruins and vast wilderness regions populate the landscape, leaving much to discover for adventurers and explorers.

Places in Dominus: The Reach
Saltmarsh (city)

Places in Dominus: The East
Rannouchi (capital city)

Places in Dominus: The Windspear Region
Illuminias (capital city)


DM's Note: This is pretty much this campaign's stand-in for your Standard Western Fantasy Setting, and the starting area of the campaign. Everyone's encouraged to come up with other details for the setting itself through their characters' lore.

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Dominus: The Ancient Realm

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