Dave of Saltmarsh

A slim man who stalks the alleys of Saltmarsh in his signature trenchcoat and tricorn hat, seeking out evildoers to punish. He’s a staunch ally of anyone looking to defeat the forces of darkness in the city so long as they can put up with his constant references to beasts, blood and hunting.

His fighting style involves materializing blades of blood on his clubs or staff and wreathing them in flame, quite a spectacle to frighten the peasantry with.

Dave has survived the harsh streets of Saltmarsh for as long as he can remember, having lived through a devastating plague in his youth.

He acquired his dark powers due to some run-in with the Thieves Guild, and has set himself up as a dark avenger of the streets — someday, he swears, he’ll have his vengeance on the evildoers who wronged him.

Dave of Saltmarsh

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