Tieresia: The Realm Divided

Tieresia's on its eighth straight year of war, and still running.

Overworld Theme: Victoria – Stay

Adventures in Tieresia:
Interlude: The Bard's Journey
Session Zero: The Road to Stardom
Episode 1: The Child of Prophecy

Another famous continent in Aetheria's skies, Tieresia is known for being closer to the technological achievements of other realms — Dominus is markedly more advanced thanks to arcanotech. This is a land currently going through its eighth consecutive year of civil war between several different factions, with each faction in turn being subject to its own internal politics and in-fighting.

Travelers to Tieresia are advised to try and steer clear of the warring factions, unless they're explicitly looking for some good old-fashioned mercenary work. Tieresian nobles are quite determined to get their dirty work carried out by others, and are known to pay well as long as the job is accomplished.

There's also the fact that power is constantly in flux, leaving so many opportunities for a would-be king (or duke, or count) with some coin and ambition in their pockets.

The Dominions of Tieresia:
- Duchy of Lund
-Kingdom of Bain
-Republic of Padavona
-Holy Dominion Fillmore


DM's Notes: Tieresia is our token 'war and intrigue' setting, intentionally written to be flavored more like FFT: War of the Lions (a.k.a. vidyagame GoT) than your average D&D setting. Shout-outs and thanks to servant3448 for letting me use his old D&D 4E setting; yes the "Seven Year War" has skipped to Year Eight just to justify the jump from 4E to 5E.

Peg source: Tieresia Campaign (D&D 4E; aborted)

Tieresia: The Realm Divided

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