Saltmarsh: The City of Thieves

Saltmarsh is known for its gothic architecture and all-around uncleanliness.

BGM: Black Strobe – I'm a Man

Guard your pocket, watch your back, and always have a few spare coins handy.

Saltmarsh is a city as old as it is decayed. It is said to have survived through several eras of Aetheria's tumultuous history, and now stands as the only port on the Dominus continent's western edge. Plagues, riots, undead outbreaks — they say that Saltmarsh has been through it all, and it shows in the sorry state of the streets.

Organized crime isn't just a threat in Saltmarsh — it's practically part of the local culture. The Thieves Guild pretty much owns the city, and anyone wishing safe passage had better pay up. Unfortunately 'anyone wishing safe passage' means everyone who makes landfall on this side of Dominus.

Saltmarsh is large enough to be classified by its parts. Travel between districts is normally done by horse-drawn wagon, though few can actually afford these wagons and people tend to end up walking the city streets for hours.

The Docks: The place where most travelers make landfall on Dominus, and also where majority of the city's squalor is. Squatters and abandoned buildings line the alleyways, and the few with a bit of coin here squeeze into several crammed boarding houses. The city watch keeps an eye on this district at all times, due to its reputation for being abnormally crime-ridden…even for the City of Thieves.

The Rusty Cleaver Tavern: A shady establishment in the docks district that is conveniently close to port, thus frequented by adventurers and guardsmen. The prices of food and drink here are cheap…if one doesn't present oneself as a person of wealth. The owners recently acquired the services of a traveling performer, whose beauty has become an urban legend in the docks district.

Central Saltmarsh: Intended to be more a hub than an actual city district, the foot traffic here led to several residences and businesses rising — including the city's crowded marketplace. Much of the Thieves Guild's activity is known to take place here.

Temple District: Also known as the Cathedral Ward, this section of Saltmarsh houses the centers for its religion. Many of the faiths setting up shop here are older than the city itself, and Saltmarsh thus honors a wide variety of gods and goddesses.


Residents of Saltmarsh:
Dave, the Blood Hunter



DM's Note: The starting point of the campaign, and yes it's based on Yharnam of Bloodborne fame. 

Peg source: Bloodborne Wiki

Saltmarsh: The City of Thieves

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