House Velkin

"Wings of honor."

BGM: Dark Souls 3 OST – Abyss Watchers

House Velkin has long stood as a paragon of nobility and faith, strong supporters of the Pelagianic church. They have also boasted the greatest amount of individual fiefdoms and thus, the most ability to raise men-at-arms out of all Bain's regions. Their mighty fortress Vauban, ancestral stronghold of the noble Velkin lineage, is famous for guarding Snakebite Pass: one of the only known ways to enter Bain from the Duchy of Lund.

Alas, it has been a year of tragedy for House Velkin. In the seventh year of the war in  Tieresia, Lady Sieglinde Velkin was murdered by assassins ostensibly sent by political rivals. The heir of Velkin, Wilhelmina, was also a victim of the attack but managed to escape with the aid of a loyal retainer named Yvan Muller. She had left the safety of Vauban to bring her mother's killers to justice, only for her and Yvan to be assassinated as well — through the efforts of some adventurers the culprits were exposed as retainers of House Huer, a venerable faction within the Duchy of Lund's tumultuous politics.

The long-running border skirmishes between Houses Velkin and Huer soon erupted into all-out war, coming to a head as Huer's saboteurs routed the Velkin forces from Vauban: a grievous loss and dishonor indeed. Lord Graf Heinrich Velkin seems to have faded out of the public eye after that humiliating defeat: He himself was in command of the forces, and personally gave the retreat order after losing too many men.

As the eighth year of the conflict has turned into a cold war, House Velkin seems to be rebuilding and licking its wounds. Could Lord Graf Heinrich be plotting his revenge against his family's killers, or has the king of Bain himself ordered something on a grander scale?


DM's Notes:

This is pretty much a continuation of the story started in House Velkin's original entry. Lund and House Huer are also meshed into this mess.

Bain's pretty much a faction whose hat is that they're a paladin nation, all military and religion (but not necessarily fanatics!), and the Velkins are the faction's poster boys of knighthood. Easy analogies are for the Tyrells under Renly Baratheon with their lords and Knights, but a closer picture would be the Deverinians from Warlord: Saga of the Storm.

The house words are a play on House Arryn's "as high as honor".

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House Velkin

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