Beneath Aetherian Skies

Interlude: The Bard's Journey

Can one man's trip save Tieresia?

Lost in the marketplace of Saltmarsh's central district, the bard Basil Garreth manages to blunder into a dilapidated building containing a deactivated warforged enforcer—most significantly, one branded with the sigil of his employers House Ravenstein. Its memory banks contained dire tidings indeed: A recording of none other than Lord Vyles Huer himself, head of the Duchy of Lund's noble House Huer. He is seen conversing with some unseen ally, and clearly stating: “Our pieces move across the board. Soon they shall be in place and Tieresia will yield to our glorious bloodbath.”

Alarmed that this could be the portents of some grand conspiracy to return Tieresia to the last seven years' bloody war-torn state, Basil has decided to hurry home and present this to his superiors; a scheme of that scale is simply beyond one man to handle. 

He has arrived in the Kingdom of Bain, seeking adventurers to escort him back to Padavona. The treacherous journey will involve cutting across Bain then heading through the dreaded Snakebite Pass (unless one can obtain passage through the stronghold Vauban that guards it) and then navigating through the Duchy of Lund's bandit-ridden roads until finally crossing the border into Padavona.

The worst part of his find is that it shows neither who Lord Huer speaks with, nor the supposed 'pieces' readying their 'bloodbath'.


DM's Notes:

Full Wiki write-ups to follow but here's a quickie: During the one-year timeskip from the original Tieresia setting, Lord Voss Huer suffered an untimely demise and his son Vyles Huer is now head of house. While the father was already a 'shrewd political animal' his son is aggressive and worst of all: ambitious. His ascending to the house's seat of power happened shortly after the Huer forces took the fortress Vauban by sabotage, and anyone with half a brain can easily conclude that 1) he had his father assassinated and 2) the Lund forces aren't marching into Bain due to some other underhanded scheme of Lord Vyles.



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