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Aetheria is a realm that has seen cataclysm in its history. The world was sundered to the point that civilization has abandoned the surface in favor of landmasses that magically float in the sky, with nothing but fog and darkness below. Travelers move between these sky-islands via magically-powered airships.

You are adventurers in this age of discovery. Ruins and wilderness regions populate the skies, with cities and towns providing precious refuge. Day by day explorers set sail through the uncharted locales of Aetheria.

And of course there lie the Darklands on the surface far below, just begging to be challenged — so far none have returned from expeditions through the fog.


THE PLAYER CHARACTERS ON DOMINUS (a.k.a. "Sundays at Emile's")

THE PLAYER CHARACTERS ON TIERESIA (a.k.a. "The Motherfucking Boy Band")

Bonus from the DM: Beneath Aetherian Skies campaign playlist!

Main Page

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